Alternative dairy: London-based coffee company debuts flagship “Oat M*lk” in the US


UK-based specialty coffee company Minor Figures is bringing a new kind of dairy alternative to US coffee drinkers with the launch of Minor Figures Oat M*lk and Organic Oat M*lk. This comes amid a heightened boom in milk alternatives, with oat milk variations becoming particularly popular. “Eating more plants is something we believe is crucial for the future health of our planet,” Stuart Forsyth, Co-Founder of Minor Figures, tells.

“We believe that our product is the best when it comes to coffee for a number of reasons, but our main focus its ability to let the full flavor profile of the espresso shot to come through and its ability to create a silky micro-foam when steamed. It’s this quality in Oat M*lk, plus its relatively low environmental impact, which makes it the clear choice of dairy alternative for coffee,” he explains. 

Formulated by baristas specifically for use in coffee, the Oat M*lk is produced using natural ingredients with no added sugar and containing the same amount of calcium as dairy milk. Oat M*lk adds a natural sweetness, density and balance to a hot beverage without compromising the fidelity of the coffee. It can also be used for pouring latte art, as well as in tea, smoothies and with cereal, the company notes. 

“Now more than ever, it has become vital that we take whatever steps we can to move towards a plant-based diet. One of the most critical aspects of this it to provide a viable solution for people – if we expect change, we need to create excellent alternatives that are desirable, fun and most importantly easy to access,” continues Forsyth. 

Minor Figures offers two types of Oat M*lk in its core range: Original and Organic, the latter of which is USDA-certified organic. The brand also plans to expand its core range with the launch of Minor Figures Chai, a spiced black tea concentrate later this year. The Minor Figures brand also “celebrates individuality, curiosity and an enthusiastic pursuit of good – which is represented by the characters featured on the design-driven packaging,” the company highlights. 

Minor Figures has offices in London (UK), Melbourne (Australia) and Los Angeles (US). “We make products focused on solving issues within the cafe environment, that also may have applications at home. We strive to create products that are better, and the prism for which we view this is that they must be either better quality than current, more sustainable or a new innovation,” adds Forsyth.

“Sustainability is something that is at the very heart of our business and has been from the start. This year our formal credentials are something we are focused on achieving to formalize this.  We are aiming to become both B Corp Certified and also be carbon neutral before the end of 2020. Informally, sustainability will always remain a big driver in every decision, and is part of every conversation; from marketing to point of sale to packaging,” he adds. 


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