Lipofoods SLU now part of LLS Health


Lipofoods SLU has become a part of the Health Business of Lubrizol Life Science (LLS Health), strengthening, the company says, the organization’s global presence and providing support to advance its growth in the rapidly developing nutraceutical market.

The Lipofoods brand was previously part of the Lubrizol Life Science Beauty business. Lipofoods Nutraceutical Ingredients is now the umbrella brand for the new Nutraceutical Division within LLS Health and includes all existing brands and product platforms for microencapsulated minerals and botanicals. The transition is said to give the Lipofoods brand strong global infrastructure for driving more innovative solutions to the expanding nutraceuticals market.

“Over the last few years, the Lipofoods brand has experienced rapid growth and scale-up,” said David Padro, Business Unit Manager of the Nutraceuticals Division of LLS Health. “This has propelled the need for a larger structure to meet the demands of the fast-changing, highly segmented global nutraceuticals marketplace. This new structure will bring technology and scientific support to active ingredients with functional performance attributes.”

The newly formed Nutraceutical Division will leverage the range of internal Lubrizol capabilities for improving bioavailability and oral delivery for its portfolio of active ingredients. It will, according to the company, benefit from LLS Health’s technological platforms, applications expertise, global sales and marketing structures, operations and regulatory know-how to continue developing the nutraceuticals market, while keeping the current sales structure and distribution network.

“The addition of the Lipofoods brand to our portfolio will boost Lubrizol’s exposure to the nutraceuticals market and complement our product offerings in the health and wellness industry,” said Barbara Morgan, Global Business Director for Pharmaceutical Solutions of LLS Health. “This illustrates our holistic commitment to improve health outcomes by providing expertise that accelerates customers’ growth through expanded access to innovative nutraceutical platforms.”


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