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Bioiberica’s type II collagen featured in joint and bone health launch

Bioiberica’s native type II collagen b-2Cool is featured in Laboratorios Ordesa’s new launch, dubbed Colnatur Forte. The product is a food supplement especially recommended for the intensive care of joints and bones. Colnatur Forte has a formula based on b-2Cool, willow extract, devil’s claw extract, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C. The companies’ joint statement says that this launch seeks to offer innovative formulas for joint health through scientifically proven ingredients.

“With this partnership we are combining Bioiberica’s expertise in the development, production, and marketing of natural ingredients with high added value for joint health and Ordesa’s experience and leadership in offering high quality products for people’s nutrition, health and well-being. It is without a doubt a major agreement to continue innovating together in this market,” says Jaume Reguant, Director of Bioiberica Healthcare.

“The use of hydrolyzed collagen in dietary supplements is often limited due to its physical and organoleptic properties. Only effective in high doses (up to 10 g per day), it creates significant formulation challenges that mean manufacturers must adapt finished products to overcome these limitations. Native type II collagen, with a low dose of only 40 mg per day is therefore increasingly being used, alongside complementary ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, to help manufacturers overcome formulation challenges with dosage and product formats,” Reguant tells.

According to Joan Permanyer, President of Laboratorios Ordesa, this agreement “means one more step in the company’s commitment to R&D, with the aim of offering innovative formulas to support health care at different stages of life. Joint health is becoming a more important issue due to the aging of the population and the need to prevent possible diseases and maintain an active lifestyle at any age.”

Joint health in numbers

Joint health is a major public health concern, largely because of an aging population. Age can significantly affect the muscles, bones and joints. Supplementation with collagen is continuing its upward motion in this market. According to Innova Market Insights data, top market categories for collagen include Supplements and Sports Nutrition. The US market accounted for 23 percent of the global collagen launches in 2019, which is a big share for a country, considering that Europe accounted for 38 percent in total, with the UK leading the region with a 6 percent CAGR.

The research specialist’s data shows that the top health positionings of collagen launches for 2019 included Skin Health with 71 percent; Joint Health with 46 percent; and Bone Health with 27 percent. Especially in the Joint Health segment, the US is leading with 44 percent of launches tracked with collagen focusing on it, in 2019.

“There are several demographic groups that represent exciting opportunities for growth and innovation in joint health. The 65+ population continues to be a significant focus for the category, as the world’s aging population continues to grow. However, the market now expands far beyond older consumers. Several studies demonstrate that sporty people, the 40+ population and women experiencing menopause commonly experience joint discomfort or mobility issues and are looking for ways to support mobility as part of a healthy lifestyle,” Reguant notes.

Collagen is a fundamental articular cartilage protein, essential for it to function normally. Taking b-2Cool orally has been shown in four scientific studies to help maintain good joint health at a very low daily dose.

The collagen ingredient boasts high bioavailability. “Thanks to its mechanism of action called ‘oral tolerance,’ b-2Cool does not need to be absorbed for its efficacy. Through this mode of action native type II collagen is recognized by the Peyer’s patches in the gut, which are responsible for immune surveillance in the intestinal lumen,” Reguant explains.

This allows the immune system to recognize native collagen as a previously known substance. Reguant continues that this deactivates the body’s immune response against its own collagen, which is frequent in joint conditions. Therefore, efficacy is not absorption-dependent.

Bioiberica is on a streak of interesting collaborations. Most recently, Nestlé Health Science (NHSc) incorporated Bioiberica’s patented ingredient, Mobilee, into its existing Meritene Mobilis joint health drink mix. NutritionInsight previously extensively reported on collagen trends. A staple ingredient within the health and wellness category, collagen maintains a steady course of growth, with pronounced focus on joint health, skin care and sports nutrition.


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