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Callebaut opens Mumbai facility


Barry Callebaut has opened its new, relocated Callebaut Chocolate Academy centre and sales office in Mumbai, India. The centre and sales office is a relocation from its previous home which opened in 2008.
Callebaut opens Mumbai facility
Barry Callebaut has opened its new, relocated Callebaut Chocolate Academy centre and sales office in Mumbai, India. The centre and sales office is a relocation from its previous home which opened in 2008.
The centre is said to serve as a venue for the exchange of technical skills, training, dialogue and the sharing of love for all aspects related to chocolate and cocoa products. It is one of 19 training centres managed by the company's gourmet division, around the world, and one of four in Asia Pacific, with other centres being located in Singapore, Shanghai (China) and Tokyo (Japan).
“Callebaut is proud to have been a part of the chef’s community for over 10 years and we owe our customers in India for helping us build our business. We want to provide locals and visitors with the best chocolate making experience we can and we look forward to serving them even better in this state-of-the-art Chocolate Academy centre and sales office,” said Dhruv Bhatia, Barry Callebaut’s Managing Director, India. “Barry Callebaut’s opening of our chocolate factory in Pune last year and now with the upgrading of the Callebaut Chocolate Academy centre in Mumbai, will enable us to be in a better position to capitalize on growth opportunities in India.”
The new center is said to be equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, and includes a range of workshops, courses and demonstrations for professional customers in all sectors: chocolatiers, pastry chefs, bakers and other chocolate experts as well as culinary professionals working in hotels, restaurants and the catering business. They will, says the company, be able to benefit from the modern kitchen and the equipment that the academy is equipped with, to perfect their expertise in chocolate under the guidance of Callebaut’s chefs and the Chocolate Ambassadors Club.
According to market research firm Euromonitor, India is the fastest growing confectionery markets globally (CAGR of 9% over 2014-2019). Premiumisation is expected to drive chocolate sales in India and prompting average unit prices in India to rise by 20%,
“With significantly greater exposure to international brands and product premiumisation, we believe there will be increasing demand for our gourmet products in India and across Asia Pacific,” said Mikael Neglen, President, Chocolate Asia Pacific, Barry Callebaut. “The investment we’ve made into this new Callebaut Chocolate Academy centre reaffirms our commitment to the professional chocolatiers in this region.”
“The opening of the new Callebaut Chocolate Academy centre in India is a symbolic move in promoting our position as a leader in the gourmet chocolate sector in the region,” said Denis Convert, Vice President of Gourmet Asia Pacific, Barry Callebaut. “We have improved this training center to cater to the sophisticated needs of our customers here in India. Our Chocolate Academy centres around the world serve to demonstrate how much creativity, innovation and invention is still possible within the chocolate craft. Here is where budding chefs can learn more from the experts, and where experienced chefs can experiment with new creations using Callebaut’s wide inventory of high quality gourmet chocolate and cocoa products.”
The Callebaut Chocolate Academy centre in Mumbai will be integrated into the network of the company’s 18 other such training centres around the world. About 38,000 professionals and artisans receive training at these Chocolate Academy centres every year.




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