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Global growth of 12 % for energy drinks in 2011! No other segment has been able to achieve growth rates and margins at this level over many years. The energy market will diversify even further in the coming years: The trend is moving towards new flavours and away from the classic energy drink taste. The Döhler Group is a global producer, marketer and provider of technology-based natural ingredients, ingredient systems and integrated solutions for the food and beverage industry. Based on extensive experience in energy drinks and the broad flavour portfolio, Döhler has developed energy drink concepts which promise success, tailored to every target group and market.

Trend shifts towards new flavours

The classic energy taste polarised the consumer world from the very beginning. For adults over the age of 30 in particular, classic energy drinks often taste too sweet and artificial. An investigation by Döhler Sensory & Consumer Science, however, showed that this age group is definitely interested in a quick energy kick. This also applies to consumers who have grown out of the classic energy taste and are looking for something new. The beverage industry reacted appropriately with new, fruity flavours. Of around 70 top product introductions in Latin America, around half boasted innovative flavours. Especially berry and citrus flavours like lemon and orange are coming up. But also other exotic flavours have the chance to awake consumers’ attention. Thanks to comprehensive flavour expertise, Döhler has developed plenty of exciting concepts with extremely interesting flavours.

Juicy Energy Drinks - a fruity energy boost

Their naturalness means that fruit juices enjoy a good image among consumers. In energy drinks, they do not only offer positive associations, but above all full and authentic fruit indulgence. Juicy energy drinks are therefore very popular with consumers. This is verified both by research by Döhler Sensory & Consumer Science and the beverage market. The combination of naturalness and juice results in premium concepts, which is supported also by new ingredients like guarana as a natural source of caffeine. In a young and innovative segment like energy drinks, all kinds of fruits and fruit combinations are possible. Döhler offers an attractive portfolio of juicy energy drinks containing between 5% to 25% fruit juice in almost any flavour imaginable.

Coffee & Tea Energy Drinks - energy meets lifestyle

Coffee and tea are also ideal in the creation of new energy drinks - it is well established in the daily routine of many consumers, providing that energy kick whenever it's needed. That is why combining coffee or tea and energy drinks is just the next logical step. Just like juicy energy drinks, it is possible to create products that combine the classic coffee drink with standard energy ingredients, as well as products that cater to the natural trend and only contain natural caffeine from guarana.

Integrated Solutions for the worldwide beverage industry

With sales sites in over 130 countries, we know every energy market inside out. This expertise, together with our broad flavour portfolio, allows us to develop energy drinks tailored to the market. Experienced teams in development, application, technical product management and product management work closely together to provide our customers with comprehensive solutions: from the first idea to sensorically tested product concepts, all the way to tailor-made all-in-one compounds. Needless to say, all ingredients are also available as individual components.

* Döhler Market Research/Canadean

Döhler América Latina

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